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All Grain

All Grain

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Poultry All Grain contains the widest range of grains available in any layer product in Australia. It provides a fantastic stimulating variety of grains to provide the energy and protein component for free range layer diets. Vitamin and Mineral and Protein Supplements advised for best laying results.

Protein 12% min
Fat 3% min
Fibre 5% max
Energy Mj/kg 3000 kCal/Kg as fed


Auntie Kates is FREE…
– Dust FREE
And always the best value for money!

– Happy Flock
– Good gut health
– Encourages foraging
– Natural alternative to manufactured feed

Daily feeding will vary depending on many factors such as the age and health of the hens, climate, the day length, the breed, access to free range pasture and whether they are molting. So there is no set rule. Expect to feed between 80-150g per day per bird.

    Grain based feeds supplemented by household scraps and pasture foraging is the traditional diet and this style of feeding remains a great option, especially as it encourages optimal gut- health. While birds love grain is critical to understand that grains alone are deficient in vitamin and minerals so a grain-based diet must be supplemented to ensure good health and production. Access to green feeds and pasture is often sufficient.

    Auntie Kates Pro Grain and Scratch Mix are supplemented complete grain based feeds. Mixed Grain and All Grain are high energy mixes which must be supplemented.

    Manufactured feeds in the form of pellets, crumbles or mash are used in commercial poultry production. A complete and balanced ration is provided in a controlled environment with the aim of maximising egg or meat production at the lowest cost. These rations typically include medicines, vitamin and minerals and RAM based protein supplements to ensure health and nutrition is balanced and complete.

    Disadvantages with manufactured feeds are:
    – The gizzard does not have to work to grind the feed leading to the risk of gut health issues
    – In a free range backyard situation manufactured feeds deteriorate and are less palatable and appetising than whole grains.
    – The risk associated with feeding RAM, see notes in the What is RAM tab

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