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A balanced nutritious food for all Lorikeets, Lories and Honey Eaters.

Shep's Egg & Biscuit is a DRY mixture that can be used to rear all species of birds. It can also be used to supplement the diet. The mixture is a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids to ensure healthy growth in young chicks.

As detailed in the Lori-dry story on our Home page, the quality of most of the commercial Egg & Biscuit mixes, in Australia, is very suspect. Some manufactures even stooping to add crushed "Twisty" seconds to increase the yellow look (what yellow food colouring and MSG do to your birds I don’t know!).

Commercial Egg & Biscuit mixes in Australia are often based on bread crumbs mixed with custard powder (0% Protein) and if you're lucky they may have contained some Poppy seeds. But NO Whole Egg Powder (21% Protein and a complete protein i.e. it contains all 22 amino acids) and no biscuit base. Shep’s needed to manufacture their own quality Egg & Biscuit which includes Whole Egg powder and “Nice” biscuit base. Custard powder smells like vanilla, so if your Egg & Biscuit smells this way you know it’s cheap and not overly nutritious.

From the beginning, with Stan Sindell & Dr Jim Gil, to now, Shep's products have sold many millions of kilos and have been successfully used for countless generation of breeding cycles on all Australian lorikeets and exotic lories. Our products are sold in every state in Australia and exported overseas. Jurong Birdpark, second biggest birdpark in the world, has been a long term supporter and customer of Shep’s.

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