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Bednet® Cargo Control Solutions is the market leading range of unique form fitting cargo nets from the United States which have been designed to reduce load shift on vehicles. Renowned for its exceptionally high quality and long lasting components, the Bednet® range has been tailored to the serious end user. Since the range was introduced to the United States in 1997, the Bednet® range has become the cargo control solution of choice for many large fleets in the United States. With over two decades of refinement to it's products, the Bednet® range has continued to introduce innovative cargo control solutions for all types of vehicle fleets including utility vehicles, passenger vehicles, trucks, cargo vans and UTV/ATVs.


  • Bednet® Cargo Utility Nets provide a great solution to secure large cargo in utility trailers
  • Made from 2,700kg strength seatbelt webbing, these rectangular nets offer many attachment points to allow them to conform to most loads
  • Stow after each use or affix one end of the net to trailer with accessory carabiners, leaving the net in place
  • Secure by tie downs (not included)
  • Carry bag included
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